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About me


β€œHi! Thanks for looking to my web page. Glad to have you read my posts. Hope you enjoy my posts.”

I’m Abdurrachman Mappuji, people call me Mappuji or sometimes just mpj. I believe that every people has the right to grow and leverage the advancement of the technology we have. So, frankly speaking I believe in openness. I believe world need more awesome people to fix second order effect our of inventions, the science and technology. You know, global warming, gadget addiction, foods and energy for more thousand years are not solved problems.

Coming from a small city (and not even city, it is just a small small district or β€œKabupaten” in Bahasa) called Indramayu in the north of West Java, I experienced only few of my friends has confident to learn new stuff in their own way and not even have motivation from their environment (including the teacher). Majority seems believe that the bright mind only comes from genetics & heredity. Even when I attend school in larger city in Yogyakarta, even though better, not majority of my college friends aims for big dream and ambitious goal in their life (sorry, I over generalize this). My utopian dream is a world where people are very confident that they can learn everything to achieve their goal, and people not shy when they aims for a big dream.

Okay, so I play and build technology for fun and profit. After I graduated from Engineering Physics Major at Universitas Gadjah Mada in early 2017, now I work for company called Midtrans as Software Engineer to help other Software Engineers be more productive. I write blog, read bunch of books in general system thinking and history, and meet up with friends (I have only few friends, but it is a high quality friendship πŸ˜‰) in my free time. I also helping an open source project called Open Learning Exchange where we build education technology for underserved community.

I talks in some conference(s) each year, to share my progress. I want to make myself better and in doing so make the world better 😁.

Join me create a better world by spreading your dream, read, listen, and write about the things you care, you’ll get stronger!